Legal Cannabis: Are Schools Ready?

Well, it’s official: recreational cannabis is now legal across Canada. Like it or not, it will be as easy to buy and use as cigarettes and alcohol. The question is: are the schools in the York Region District School Board (YRDSB) ready for this development?

Legality doesn’t automatically impart virtue. That is to say, just because it’s legal (for people 19 and older) doesn’t mean it’s suddenly all right for anyone to use in whatever amount possible. Like so much in life, moderation is necessary. Users need to practice sound judgement and care when consuming cannabis.

It’s incredibly important that all our young people have a full understanding of the potential effects of cannabis use on young brains. Due to its illegality, there is a scarcity of scientific research into the effects of marijuana. However, existing data does indicate even light recreational use (say, once per week) can change brain structure and chemistry, particularly on the area of the brain tied to anxiety and emotional control.

We must arm our kids with information. Too many people think cannabis is 100% benign.

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